The paper and vinyl labels supplied by Acorn Print are available with different types of adhesive. These vary from low-tack, peelable label adhesives (which peel off with the greatest of ease), to ultra permanent labels (which requires dynamite to move it).

Peelable adhesive labels

Peelable label adhesives are ideal for use when the label is to be removed at a future date without leaving a sticky residue. There are different levels of stickiness depending on what you want to stick the labels on. Great for: -

  • Gift labels
  • Charity flag days
  • Price tickets

Permanent adhesive labels

Permanent label adhesives are just that! They can only be removed with a great deal of rubbing and leave behind an adhesive residue. Great for sealing your 'Top Secret' documents but not ideal for the charity flag-day!

If you want to cover something up, we have special block-out labels with an opaque label adhesive which will hide anything underneath.

Other adhesives are available for more specialised purposes for example

  • Deep freeze
  • Water soluble
  • Tamper evident

However these are not available across the whole range of label materials.

Discuss your needs

Please do discuss your needs with us - so that Acorn Print can supply you with the solution which will meet your needs.

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