Ordering Guidelines Paper or Vinyl - Labels

Make sure that all the information you need to appear on your label is within the yellow Safe Graphic area. It should be at least 3mm inside the pink Actual Label Size.

Example for a label 100mm x 50mm finished size


The pink area is your Actual label Size and everything which is within this area may appear on your finished labels.

Example label

guidelines for artwork

Ensure background colours or images spread 3mm into the Bleed Area to ensure there is no blank space at the sides of your colour label. 

In summary for a label finished size 100mm x 50mm your artwork should be 106mm x 56mm the "live material" should extend to the yellow area 94mm x 44mm.

Save your artwork in a common format i.e. pdf, ai, jpg, jpeg, png, tiff or we might not be able to open it.