Q. What is your minimum quantity?
A. – From one label upwards. However, if you only want a few it may be more cost effective for you to produce them on your PC. If you are unsure how to do this, there are many videos online that can help. As your quantities rise and you are looking for something more professional (more durable materials, special size or shape cutters etc.) that is where Acorn Print can help.

Q. What kind of labels do I need?
A. – The questions you need to ask yourself include:

  1. How many labels do I need?
  2. Do I need my labels to be square, rectangular, round, oval or some other shape?
  3. Are my labels going to be used inside or outside?
  4. Do they need to be waterproof?
  5. Do my labels need to last for a few months or a few years?
  6. Do I need my labels to peel off without leaving a mark or be really sticky so that they can't be removed very easily?
  7. Will they be applied to the product by hand or label applicator machine?

Q. What are your delivery times?
A. – As a general rule, we tell customers 'ten working days' – frequently it's much sooner. Ten days is to produce a new order, for the first time, through the factory. This allows for production of artwork (and any subsequent changes), production of plates, delivery of any materials to us, printing and despatching your order. Many digital and repeat jobs go out within a couple of days of being ordered.

Q. How about repeat orders?

A. – Where we have existing plates from a previous order we can usually despatch within five working days. However, for smaller or digital orders or when we have the relevant materials in stock, we have despatched labels on the date of order! This can of course vary depending on the volume of orders currently in production.

Q. How can I pay for my labels?
A. – Customers can pay by BACS, cheque, PayPal or credit/debit card. Please note, there is a surcharge for Paypal and credit/debit card payments. For new customers, due to the current uncertain economic climate, we will request payment in advance of sending you your labels. Account holders' labels will be despatched immediately upon completion and payment terms are 28 days. Labels remain the property of Acorn Print until the balance is paid.

Q. How much will my labels cost?
A. – How much you pay for your labels will depend on:

  1. how many you need
  2. how big they are
  3. what sort of material we need to print on
  4. how durable you need them to be
  5. whether you are supplying your own artwork or whether you would like us to design it for you. See Artwork

All of these things will affect how much you pay for your labels.

Q. Can I see some samples of labels which you've printed?
A. – If you would like some free samples of previous labels we've produced, please do not hesitate to send us your details by clicking free-samples and we'll get some in the post to you as soon as we can.

Q. Can I have a printed sample of my design?
A. – If you would like a printed sample of your label, we will print a few copies of your sample label design for £10.95 + VAT + delivery. If you then choose to order your labels from us, we'll deduct the £10.95 cost of your samples from your 1st order if the value of the order is £60.00 or greater (not including VAT & delivery).

Q. What is the best way to send my design?
A. – We like to receive artwork as PDF if possible. Most office or design software will allow you to save your file as a '.pdf'. We can usually open and edit PDF files without problems. We may not have the same software you used to design your label so a PDF makes things easier. JPEG, JPG, BMP and TIF files are photographs and it's very difficult to make alterations to them. See Artwork for more information.

Q. How can I get more information?
A. – We are always happy to discuss any of your queries and offer help and advice. Experience tells us this is far easier by telephone so please contact us at Acorn Print Labels on 01790 754575 or click the 'Contact' link below and fill in the request form. We'll contact you as soon as we can. Alternatively, connect with us on social media.

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